What happens to my site if I do not renew Vimeotheque PRO?

By not making a renewal for Vimeotheque PRO you will lose access to priority support and automatic plugin updates, including updates for any add-ons you have installed and activated.
You will also lose access to download the plugin from your Vimeotheque PRO account.

Will I lose any plugin features?

No, all PRO features will remain in place as long as the plugin stays active and both Vimeotheque (the free version) and Vimeotheque PRO are not updated. By updating the free version, over time, compatibility between the free version and your version of Vimeotheque PRO might break and your website could become unstable.

If your Vimeotheque PRO add-on is not up-to-date, by updating the free version of Vimeotheque your website may experience unexpected bugs due to incompatibilities between the two plugins.
It is advised that you first test on a website clone of your live website before doing updates while having an outdated version of Vimeotheque PRO.
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