How to solve 404 errors

By default, plugin Vimeotheque will import videos from Vimeo into WordPress as custom post type vimeo-video; for this post type it will register a hierarchical taxonomy vimeo-videos (equivalent to regular post type categories) and a taxonomy vimeo-tag (equivalent to regular post type tags).

If you are using pretty permalinks and video posts imported by Vimeotheque as post type vimeo-video show 404 (Not found) page when trying to view them into your website front-end, you will need to flush your permalinks.

To to this, go to WordPress Admin -> Settings -> Permalinks and simply press the Save Changes button without making any changes to your permalink structure.

WordPress flush permalinks

If you are using a caching plugin you might need to deactivate it or flush the cache after you flush the permalinks using the method described here.
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