Single video embed

To embed a single video post imported by WordPress Vimeo video plugin Vimeotheque into any other post type registered in WordPress you can use the visual interface implemented in Vimeotheque and available if you choose to use the editor from Classic Editor plugin.

Vimeotheque embed single video shortcode

The shortcode parameters are the following:

  • id : WordPress post ID resulted from importing a video using the plugin;
  • volume: playback volume; integer between 0 (mute) and 100 (max);
  • width: width in pixels of the video;
  • aspect_ratio: aspect ratio of the video; can be: 4×3, 16×9 or 2.35X1;
  • autoplay: autoplay video on page load; can be 0 (no autoplay) or 1 (autoplay video);
  • loop: the video will play again when it reaches the end (1).
The complete shortcode that is inserted into the post should look like this:

[cvm_video id=”post_id” volume=”20” width=”640” aspect_ratio=”16x9” autoplay=”0” loop=”0”]
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