“Uh oh, something went wrong” authorization error

This tutorial assumes you successfully installed Vimeotheque PRO and entered the Vimeo API credentials (Client identifier and Client secret) in plugin settings page.

Next step would be to authorize the plugin to query your Vimeo account so that you can import your private Vimeo videos as WordPress posts. This can be done by clicking the button labeled “Authorize the plugin on Vimeo” in plugin settings.

Vimeotheque PRO plugin OAuth authorization

Next, you will be taken to Vimeo and asked for your consent. In case your Vimeo App doesn’t have the correct return URL set in its settings, you will see this error:

Uh oh, something went wrong!
An error has occurred. You won’t be able to connect to Vimeo until it is fixed by the developer.

Dear app owner, your redirect URL appears to be misconfigured. Check your application settings and make sure it matches the redirect_uri parameter of your authorization code request.

Vimeo uh oh error screen

To solve this issue follow the steps below.

Copy redirect URL from Vimeotheque PRO settings page

Go back to plugin settings page and copy the redirect URL displayed into the instructions available on page.

Vimeotheque PRO copy OAuth return URL

Edit the Vimeo App you created

Next, navigate to your Vimeo Apps page available at this address: https://developer.vimeo.com/apps and edit the app that you used on your website. From the left side menu, click on “OAuth Redirect Authentication”.

Vimeo app menu Redirect OAuth

Add your callback URL to the app

Under “Your callback URLs”, click on “Add URL”.

Vimeo api add redirect URL button

Please note that an App can have multiple redirect URLs as it can be used on more than one website.

Into the modal window that opens after you click “Add URL”, paste the link you copied from plugin settings page at the first step in this guide.

Add callback URL modal

Click “Add” button and you are done. Next, go back to Vimeotheque PRO settings page and authorize the plugin to query your Vimeo acocunt.

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