Video details re-import

If you encountered and issue with Vimeotheque playlists displaying striped thumbnails instead of the video thumbnails, the Video Details Re-import add-on will help you solve this problem.

This add-on will detect all video posts imported with Vimeotheque and will retrieve fresh information from the Vimeo API that will be set on each individual post.

This add-on won’t change the post title, post content or featured image of your video posts.

Add-on installation

This add-on can be installed from the Vimeotheque Add-ons page.

Vimeotheque video details reimport installation

Running the re-import

After successful add-on installation and activation, a new menu page named “Re-import videos” will be added under Vimeotheque’s admin menu.

After clicking the “Start re-import” button, the process will begin and the add-on will start detecting and re-importing the video details.

Do not close the page in your browser until the meter shows 100% processed videos otherwise you will end up with videos that did not get updated!

To see the video posts that got their video data updated during the re-import process, click the “Show messages” checkbox.

Vimeotheque video details reimport

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