Video details

The video is stored by Vimeotheque with the following fields:

NameData typeDescription
video_idstringThe video ID retrieved from Vimeo.
uploaderstringThe uploader name.
uploader_uristringThe Vimeo URI of the video uploader
publishedstringThe time in ISO 8601 format when the video was created.
_publishedstringFormatted (M dS, Y) video publishing date.
updatedstringThe time in ISO 8601 format when the video metadata was last modified.
titlestringThe video’s title.
descriptionstringA brief explanation of the video’s content.
tagsarrayCollection of assigned video tags.
durationnumberThe video’s duration in seconds.
_durationstringFormatted video duration (HH:MM:SS)
thumbnailsarrayArray of thumbnails in various sizes.
statsarrayVideo statistics.
privacystringVideo privacy (public or private).
view_privacystringThe general privacy setting of the video:

Option descriptions:

anybody – Anyone can access the video.
contacts – Only contacts can access the video.
disable – The video is hidden from Vimeo.
nobody – No one besides the owner can access the video.
password – Anyone with the video’s password can access the video.
unlisted – The video is accessible but not searchable from Vimeo.
users – Only people with a Vimeo account can access the video.
embed_privacystringThe video’s embed permission setting:

Option descriptions:

private – The video is private.
public – Anyone can embed the video.
sizearrayVideo original size with calculated size ratio.
typestringThe type of the video.

Option descriptions:

live – The video is or was a live event.
stock – The video is a Vimeo Stock video.
video – The video is a standard Vimeo video.
uristringThe video’s canonical relative URI.
linkstringThe link to the video.
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