Vimeotheque Free vs. PRO

The free version of Vimeotheque allows you to quickly and easily import your public Vimeo videos into WordPress and to showcase them in your website.

With Vimeotheque PRO, besides doing imports, you can also automate the process of importing videos and import even your private videos so that you can quickly set up, for example, a membership website without too much work.

Below you will find a list of plugin features and a comparison between the free and PRO version.

Import videos as Vimeotheque custom post type YesYes
Customize custom post type slugs for permalinksYesYes
Single video importYesYes
Bulk import videosYesYes
Import video title from Vimeo as post title in WordPressYesYes
Import video publishing date as WP post publishing dateYesYes
Import in WordPress categoriesYesYes
Import video tags from VimeoYesYes
Set the maximum number of tags importedYesYes
Global video embedding optionsYesYes
Allow videos to set their custom width/height ratioYesYes
Classic editor single video embed shortcodeYesYes
Classic editor playlist shortcodeYesYes
Video position blockYesYes
Single video embed blockYesYes
Video playlist blockYesYes
Global alignment option of block editor playlist and single video blocksYesYes
Individual post alignment option for block editor playlist and single video blocksYesYes
Video image import in Media GalleryYesYes
Private videos importNoYes
Automatic video importNoYes
Import videos as regular post typeNoYes
Import videos as posts compatible with WordPress themeNoYes
Include video microdata in front-endNoYes
Check video status after importNoYes
Override individual post embedding options from global plugin optionsNoYes
Free PRO add-onsNoYes
Vimeo folders importsNoYes
Vimeo On Demand importsNoYes
Additional playlist embed themesNoYes
Any post type import supportNoYes
Import tags in any taxonomyNoYes
Include Vimeotheque video post type with regular post type on homepage that displays postsNoYes

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