Push to Vimeo add-on

The Vimeotheque Push to Vimeo Add-on is designed to help you make minor changes to your Vimeo videos directly from WordPress. Simply put, it can edit your video’s title, description and view privacy setting on Vimeo directly from the WordPress post edit screen.

Grant plugin access

By default, Vimeotheque PRO will have only read access of your videos. In order to be able to edit your Vimeo videos from WordPress, you must grant edit access for the plugin.

After you successfully install and activate the add-on, go to Vimeotheque Settings page, tab API&License and grant edit access for Vimeotheque.

Vimeotheque Push to Vimeo add-on grant OAuth access

Push changes from post edit screen

Changes can be pushed to Vimeo from the post edit screen when you save a post.

Vimeotheque PRO - push to Vimeo post edit screen

Saving the post won’t push any changes to Vimeo. Only by clicking the Push changes to Vimeo button you will send the modifications to your video on Vimeo.
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